Kinoko No Yama & Takenoko No Sato Chocolate - japan grab

Kinoko No Yama & Takenoko No Sato Chocolate


Kinoko No Yama and Takenoko No Sato Chocolate

One of Meiji's most well-known confectionaries is Kinoko-no-Yama and Takenoko No Sato. They have combined them both into one all time snack bag! The cookie and chocolate combo melts in your mouth! Decadent milk chocolate tops the crisp cookie to create the iconic kinoko (mushroom) and takenoko (bamboo sprout) shape.

"Kinoko No Yama" in Japanese means the mountains the mushrooms come from.
"Takenoko No Sato" in Japanese means the country side the bamboo sprouts come from.

Manufacturer: Meiji

Weight: 160 g