About Us

JapanGrab was brought to life by the PokeJapan team in order to make it easier for you to discover and purchase Japanese products from anywhere in the world. Started by half Japanese & half Kiwi (New Zealander) brothers, and expanding into a diverse team of resident Japanese and Expats alike, we take pride in our love for Japanese popular culture and want to share that with anyone who has a desire to experience it. We started with selling Pokémon goods and decided it was time to showcase the broader world of Japanese pop culture. We are here to make it easy for you to buy these products from wherever, whenever.


James is a jack of all trades type guy who first got into buying and selling Pokemon products online by himself at the tender age of 11. The reason was not to make money but to solve a problem, this problem was his strict parents not allowing him to play gameboy. Buying and selling online and making profit convinced his parents that he could play Pokemon silver and the rest is history.


Leo is a big fan of anime and gaming, having grown up playing and collecting Pokemon cards including taking over his brother James’ collection when he left home. He is into competitive games such as Counter-Strike & League of Legends, and still plays occasionally, although he hasn’t had a lot of free time recently helping run Poke Japan.